New Season, New Blog: Christa Moné Musings

When I was in college I had a few blogs going, and in general spent a lot of my time writing about food, farming, plants, and anything I thought was interesting at the time. Its been a good five or more years since I was actively writing and I'll be the first to admit that getting back into that mindset has been a slow process. As in- this post should have gone live about 2 months ago.

That being said, I am super excited to share my thoughts and knowledge on gardening, landscape management, and design with all of you garden fiends out there. I will just need to find my groove again.

I love gardening and creating beautiful spaces. I also have a lot of interest in systems…the Who, What, Where, Why, and How part of things.  It was only natural that I would combine these two interests and focus a large part of my work on landscape management.  Its one thing to design a garden or landscape and then walk away. Its another thing to put into place systems that will get that design to a place of absolute GLORY.

There are so many great things happening in our communities centered around plants, food, healthy living, and nature. Sonoma county and the greater SF area is a mecca for these outlets, and I'm lucky enough to be living in the middle of it! I'll be exploring gardens, sharing ideas on landscapes, design concepts, and all things plant related. If there is anything I hope readers can take away from this blog, it’s the inspiration to experience beauty in all of its many forms, and encouragement to let loose and have fun...preferably surrounded by plants and chocolate of course.  Thanks for tuning in!