Landscape Management
Landscape Management

oversee landscape health and schedule seasonal projects throughout the year

create systems in the landscape for short & long term goals of property

work with landscape crew on best maintenance practices including proper pruning techniques, plant and soil health, organic weed, disease, and pest management, and appropriate irrigation systems

access to network of landscape related experts in large tree care, construction, and other specialties


Showpiece Gardens
Showpiece Gardens

create unique garden pieces that stand apart in design and effect 

mix of ornamental and edible plants that draw in all of your senses

combine color, texture, and form to produce one-of-a-kind gardens

particularly popular for weddings, special events, and spaces where guests can interact and explore



create and define spaces with plants and hardscapes 

work with clients to compose outdoor rooms suited to their needs both aesthetically and functionally

design for water conservation, wildlife and insect biodiversity, and healthy ecosystems

draft conceptual drawings 


guidance on all aspects of the garden and landscape, including:

understanding site needs and scheduling

discussing pest control, irrigation needs, and plant care

organic best practices for soil and plant health

as well as:

creating plant lists and recommendations

personal training and coaching for clients or landscape teams on specific topics related to the garden